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Kids will enthusiastically learn new science, reading, STEM, math, and other skills as they explore with thousands of books at their fingertips. Each book has been specifically written, at the perfect level, so children will be in a constant state of discovering and learning. Watch your child soar as they fall in love with reading.

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The Loving2Read team has decades of experience helping children learn how to read, mastering skills, and exploring new concepts. Kids will become lifelong learners as they love to read.

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With Loving2Read's custom dashboard, you can see how many books your child has read. Also, discover their favorite subjects. With this information kids will explore and read more as they make magnificent progress and gain mighty skills.

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The next book automatically starts when your child finishes their current book for endless reading.

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We're working on adding audio to our books so your child can listen to their favorite stories.

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