Children learn to read at their own pace, regardless of their grade level. That’s why we’ve created a reading program with the perfect structure to support children. Watch as they become proud of their new skills and master their way through reading.

  1. Start with the ABC books, the Early Reading Skill Books, and Beginning to Read Books.Then move onto the Leveled Books.  The Leveled Books are specifically written so children will gain skills and progress through the levels.   Once they have gotten to the last level they will have gained the skills needed to be proficient reads!
  1. Word Family Books, High Frequency Books, and Vowel Books will help children gain word skills as they go through the Leveled Book levels.
  1. Once children progress into the later Level Books they will gain word and reading knowledge as they read the Digraph Books, Blend Books, and Controlled “r” Books.  At this point children will be fluent, competent readers.

A Mix of Reading Books