About Us

Our story¬†begins with a question…

How could we improve literacy across the globe?

Loving2Read books have been specifically written for purposeful parental involvement. Each book is easy to read and asks questions that children love to analyze and answer. Exploring and learning can happen now that families have engaging books at their fingertips 24/7.

Kids and parents will adventure through all kinds of books ranging from problem solving, science books, and adventure books, all focused on specific skills for each grade level.

About our Founder

Access to outstanding, inspirational, educational books is top priority for Colleen Grandt! By guiding parents in the skills children need to acquire while they are motivated and inspired by a loving parent, kids will love to read and explore their whole lives through. Grandt has been a classroom teacher, reading specialist, math specialist, an apprentice to teachers, in-service provider, researched and analyzed how children learn, as well as her far greater role of being a parent and grandmother.