How to use Loving2Read to track how many books you read


Ever wondered how many books you have read with your child? Ever set a reading goal for your children? With Loving2Read, tracking the books you read is automatic and easy. One of the best perks about signing up for one of our free Loving2Read accounts is you can see how many books you and your child have read within your account. While our system is automatic, we wanted to provide some extra context to make sure your reads get counted.

How to make sure your books are counted

As previously noted, our system automatically tracks when you read a book. The catch is for the book to be registered as "read" you need to go to the last page of the book for it to count. The way our system is set up is when you reach the last page of the book, our system kicks in and gives you a nice little pop up to congratulate you on finishing another book.


The reason we require going to the end of the book is that it ensures that the book has been gone all the way through. Many of our books contain fun activities and lessons and we hope that you and your child are reaching the end of our books for the maximum fun and learning.

Can I reread books?

Absolutely! We encourage it! Re reading books helps with proficiency and we love it when our users read our books over and over again. Every time you read a book, even if it is the same one, it gets counted. If you check out your profile, you can even see what books you have read the most number of times!

We hope this quick overview gives you a bit more context about our reading tracking system. Please enjoy the free books on Loving2Read and see how many books you can read each month!

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